Five Inventions That Changed the 20th Century

The twentieth century has had numerous technological advances that changed the way we live. It was the 20th century that set the pace for scientific discoveries today. There were so many technological changes that it is difficult to cut the list down to five, but we will try.

Below is a look at the five most notable inventions that had a major impact on our lives. 

1. The Computer

Of course, it was computers that formed the basis of the cellphone we have in our hands today. The first computers were created around World War 2, but they were not meant for personal use at that time. 

They were huge and were only meant to perform basic calculations. With the invention of apple in 1976, a lot changed. Today, people feel like they have been stripped naked if their computer is taken away from them. We use it for so many different purposes, like communication, finances, writing books, and much more. Basically, they keep our lives on track.

2. The Internet

The internet has allowed people to access an unfathomable amount of information in just a few clicks. It also allowed oppressed people to raise their voices, and the truth to spread everywhere. 

The internet has also paved the way for the rise of business opportunities. Most of the economy today depends upon the internet. 

3. Automobile

The automobile was invented in the nineteenth century. However, it was not considered a reliable means of transportation. It was not until the twentieth century that the automobile replaced the horse as a primary means of travel for the masses. 

With the popularization of the automobile, a revolution took place. The transportation of goods became a lot easier. Henry Ford made the automobile more accessible thanks to mass production, creating access to cars even if you didn’t have a lot of money. 

4. The airplane

The automobile made it easier to travel around cities and towns, but the airplane completely shrunk the planet. With the invention of the airplane in the twentieth century, inter-continental barriers were broken down. It was no longer a dream for man to fly; it became a reality. 

Crossing the border and entering a whole new world became a matter of hours instead of weeks on an uncomfortable boat. They didn’t only assist in traveling; they also revolutionized warfare, transportation of goods across borders, and much more. 

5. Antibiotics

We are accustomed to taking antibiotics when we feel sick. Whenever we get sick, the first thought that comes to our mind is that taking a dose will help us feel better more quickly. Before the discovery of penicillin in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, contact with even the smallest of microbes could prove fatal. Now there are many ways to support the immune system.

Death caused by bacterial infections was significantly reduced due to the invention of penicillin and many other antibiotics. Life expectancy rates also increased a great deal.