Public Health Rankings: These are the Best Schools in the U.S.

A degree in public health opens up a path to numerous career choices from nutrition, public health management, and administration, to other related public health services. A student who has an interest in the general welfare of the public and wants to pursue an occupation that will provide opportunities to act to create a healthy society should definitely consider getting a degree in public health. 

In addition to that, this field will also give students an extensive understanding of courses such as sociology, environmental studies, political science, health management, law, and more. 

This means that it becomes highly important to choose the best school that will cater to all the requirements necessary to earn a degree. 

The U.S. is home to some of the best schools to get a degree in public health. Each school is ranked based on the validity and credibility of the programs taught in these schools. 

Location: Cambridge, Mass.

Harvard University offers both on-site and online classes to both undergraduate and post-graduate students. 

Location: Baltimore, Md.

John Hopkins University was founded in 1857 and is named after the American entrepreneur and philanthropist John Hopkins himself. 

Location: Philadelphia, Pa.

One of the oldest universities, claiming to be built in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania is known to have students like Elon Musk and John Legend as notable alumni. 

Location: Providence, R.I.

Brown University is situated in Rhode Island and is one of the few and first universities to accept students without any religious discriminations.

Location: Durham, N.C.

Duke University is in North Carolina, and it is a private research university. 

Location: New York, N.Y.

Columbia University has a high number of undergraduate programs, including public health. An interesting fact about this university is that it is the fifth oldest site for attaining higher education in the U.S.