Try This Winter Break Hangover Cure for Elementary Aged Kids

Lots of celebrations and holidays occur at the end of December and beginning of January. From the Christmas holiday to visiting Santa, attending family gatherings, New Year celebrations, and more, there are lots of activities and events for both adults and kids. However, while adults are ready to get back to work after the winter break, elementary aged kids often suffer from hangovers – not related to alcohol, but the effects often match.

What’s more, a winter break hangover can make kids perform poorly in school and act sluggish. Santa has come and gone, and the festive period is behind us! Here are some tips to help your little kids overcome the winter break hangover and become active again.

In-Class Exercises

Exercises have a lot of benefits, including improving brain performance. In-class exercises can also improve behavior, mood, and learning. Moderate in-class activities such as standing up, swinging arms, standing on tippy-toes, dancing, or other simple routines are recommended for elementary aged kids. This will help snap them out of the winter break hangover and regain their learning momentum.

Make Learning Fun

Another way to help little kids overcome their winter break hangover is by making learning fun. Make learning as practical as possible. Create simple science experiments. Incorporate hands-on experiments into their lesson to help captivate their attention. Whether you’re a teacher, a science camp leader, or a homeschooling parent, you can get your kids active and thinking again by making learning more fun.

Turn Up the Music

Furthermore, several studies have shown that music helps kids relax and stay focused. Classical music is great for a dull classroom environment. Music will encourage kids to move, stand, and jump up and down. With this, they can become active once again.

Limit Homework Load

Also, limiting a homework load is essential. When kids are trying to find their rhythm, piling on too much homework may not be a good idea. Elementary teachers should work together as a team to limit the amount of homework given to kids. Also, impromptu tests should not be scheduled on the same day.

Serve a Healthy Diet

Finally, parents should give their kids a healthy diet. Meals should include whole grains and protein, fruits, and vegetables. Likewise, sugary, and processed food should be avoided. Giving your elementary aged kids the right food will provide them with an adequate amount of energy while eliminating fatigue or sluggishness.

There you have it! Above are some tips to cure the winter break hangover for elementary aged kids. Numerous activities and traveling during the winter holiday can leave you with an exhausted kid. Even the best teachers can find it challenging to get their little kids engaged and motivated after an eventful winter holiday. Fortunately, by using the insightful tips provided above, you can get your kids active and thinking again.