Which are You? Types of College Students!

Your college years are a time when we discover a version of ourselves we didn’t know existed before. The kind of college life that you have or had depends on the type of college student that you were. After doing some research (web surfing on Google) we were able to crack the code and conclude that there are a total of 8 types of college students.

If you are senior who is returning to school you might already be able to guess where we are going with this!

After reading the 8 types below, you will surely be able to categorize yourself and your friends in one of these types of college students. Are you ready to get sorted?  

Teacher’s Pet 

The only thing that sets these students apart is their constant nodding to the teacher’s lecture and following the professor everywhere. 

Class Clown

The only purpose this student attends any class is because they have something to joke about. 

Fashionably Late

The majority of these students are female, and the reason they came late to class was that they wanted to catch some extra beauty sleep or wanted their eyeliner to be perfect.

Smarty Pants

These students are smart, and they are aware of the fact that they know more than what the entire class knows. 

Gossip Girls

Talking to these students is like visiting a hub for all the latest news updates about your peers. These students can be a group of girls who have all the information about everything about everybody in the class.

Sleeping Beauty

This student doesn’t care where they are as long as they can find a place to rest their heads and sleep. The professor can be standing in front of them, giving a lecture on supply and demand-supply chain economics, and this student will be snoring. 

Third Wheel 

This student is always third-wheeling somewhere. You will see them with different groups of friends every semester when he or she would usually be the one following them around. 

The Back Benchers

These students are the most normal students you will find. They are cool to talk and hang out with, plus they study when it’s time to study and have fun when it’s time for fun. 
Which college student are you? We all have unique personalities, so don’t take it too hard if one of these seems more or less preferable. Take the bad but find ways to highlight the good to make yourself stand out in life