Always Ask These Questions During Your Checkup

Going to the doctors or your general physician for routine checkups is important, but what’s more important is to know the right set of questions to ask the doctor. The doctor can look at you, and inspect you according to their expertise, but they are typically unaware of any issues that you are facing currently. 

Knowing what to ask the doctor and making sure that you’re addressing all of your questions is a good way to take precautionary measures against future issues and to address issues affecting you currently. More than that, knowing how you want to say things can clear up any confusion. Telling a doctor how you feel won’t be clear to them; but explaining how those feelings result in discomfort in a specific way or part of the body will help you to get better outcomes.  

Here’s a list of questions you can note down and ask upon your next visit to the doctor. 

What to Ask a General Physician? 

Blood tests

If you feel like something is not right, it’s a good idea to ask about taking a blood test. Blood tests give insights that a visual inspection won’t provide. This includes levels of iron, sugars, infections, and any other things that may be abnormal and could be the cause of health issues. 

Blood Pressure

Ask the doctor about the average blood pressure levels that a person your age and gender should have. Also learn how to keep it under control. 

Discuss Your Family History

Talk with your family about common health issues that run in your family. These can include heart problems, brain disorders, and much more. Sharing this with your doctor can provide insights into issues you may face currently, and ways to lower your risk of developing new conditions in the future.

Thyroid Dysfunction

A women visiting the doctor should remember to ask their doctor about a thyroid dysfunction, especially if they have a family history of it. Women are most at risk of developing these issues. 


The doctor you go to should know every medicine that you’ve been prescribed to prior to the visit and out of those how many of the medicines do you take. Dietary supplements and alternate herbal medicines are included as well.

Don’t be too shy to ask anything about the medications again if you don’t understand it the first time. 

Unfamiliar Conditions

Any kind of unfamiliar conditions and unusual symptoms that you notice in the body whether internally or externally is something to talk with your doctor about. Don’t shake it off thinking it is nothing. 


If you are currently taking supplements from Host Defense, Doctor Wilson’s, or Honey Gardens, or any other supplement provider, make sure to tell your doctor. Mixing supplements with prescriptions or other therapies may not be advisable. They may also recommend other brands or specific formulas to help you reach your wellness goals.

Don’t dismiss going to the doctor just because you don’t know what to say. Use this list and discuss all you can with your doctor. Remember everything disease can be prevented only if things can be sorted out in their right time.