Will a Weekly Vitamin Shot Benefit Your Overall Wellness?

Most of us get our nutrition from the food we eat. But if our diet isn’t the best, we may choose to take a vitamin supplement. 

For some people, neither food nor supplements are enough, especially if they suffer from a condition such as malabsorption.  

If you’ve been paying attention to certain celebrities like the Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, or Hailey Baldwin, you may have heard about nutrients from vitamin shots and IV drips.

These are surprisingly not uncommon. Even CVS offers B12 shots in the pharmacy.

That leads to the question: Why would anyone want to endure a needle to obtain their nutrients? There is some conflicting information about its benefits, but people are still doing it. So let’s take a look at whether a vitamin shot or IV may benefit your health and wellness.

Why People Take Vitamin Shots

According to registered nurse and skincare expert Nurse Jamie, a healthcare professional who works with celebrities, the popularity of intravenous vitamin B12 increased after she performed an injection on Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie during the reality show The Simple Life. 

There are different ways to administer vitamins intravenously.  The most common is vitamin B12 shots (typically in the butt) or IV drips (in an arm vein.) Vitamin B12 is known to support blood health, the creation of cellular DNA, and even energy in people with a low-level deficiency; however, research does not show that it will contribute to meaningful athletic performance in normal people. 

Other vitamins can be administered too. Some people may look for a formula with vitamin A or C, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

People receive these injections with the belief that it might fend off disease, keep the immune system healthy, keep them alert and focused, help to lose weight, support heart health, and a lot more. 

While there is little to no evidence to support the above claims, people may still have a positive experience. For people with a busy schedule or poor eating habits, a vitamin injection may work to help restore the body’s nutritional levels back to normal levels and make them feel better overall.

Be aware that taking more vitamins than is needed can result in a vitamin overdose.

Alternatives to Vitamin Shots and IV Drips

For some, a vitamin injection may sound like a quick way to fix health problems, but there may be a better way. Specifically, the slow and steady path of combining a healthy diet, sleep, and water, with an avoidance of alcohol, tobacco products, and narcotics is probably best.

If diet still isn’t enough, you may want to consider supplements. Supplements are generally less costly than vitamin shots, which can cost upwards of $100 or more. Garden of Life, Metagenics, and Bluebonnet are supplement brands you should consider if you want to help fill nutritional gaps in your diet. Simply follow the directions on the label of each product you choose, and you should be good to go.

If you suspect you have an underlying issue that contributes to your nutritional deficiency, like an unhealthy gut or chronic fatigue, talk with your doctor first. It is always a good idea to treat the primary cause of problems instead of treating the symptoms.