How to Turn a Feeling of Disgust or Hatred Into Motivation

The number of human emotions ranges from positive to negative. Where love is the emotion that gets most of the attention as a positive emotion, disgust and hatred are considered to be the opposite and needs to be managed. That is why we have “anger management” classes because disgust and hatred can be perceived as feelings that lead to unwanted or dangerous situations.

But that is not the only way to look at it. One may have heard that nothing good comes out of anger, but we agree to disagree. If you take the manifestation of your feeling of disgust or hatred and channel it into something great inside of you, then you, my friend, have taken control of your life.

Everything has its pros and cons, and negative emotions are no different. Using your immense disgust and head ripping hatred and turning it into a motivational super-boost to move ahead in life and achieving your goals sounds great, doesn’t it? 

You see, there is a significant upside to provoking emotions. They make you feel like you must react. If you hate something or are disgusted by it, then this is your chance to change it. Only this time, when you stand up and confront it, it isn’t with verbal or physical assault. You are turning your attention to the source of those emotions and letting it give you the energy to move forward with positive goals while others stay back and settle into ignorance, yelling, and throwing their fists.

So how do you turn a feeling of disgust and hatred into motivation? You must have heard of the fight or flight response, right? In case you haven’t, it’s a bodily instinct that activates itself whenever you are caught up in a tense or stressful situation. Your brain is deciding to either run away and not deal with things or to stay and fight whatever comes your way. And that is how to motivate yourself. Stay and fight to reach your intended goal. Not that you are physically attacking something; instead, you are directing your energy into something that will positively benefit you and future situations you encounter.

The energy that anger provides inside of you is necessary to achieve the desired goal, which can be anything that you think is not right with the world or, more importantly, not right with you. 

Always remember that the person who most benefits from redirecting disgust or hatred into motivation is you. In the future, you will hopefully handle similar encounters more positively, controlling your mind and body, and walking away to do something positive. But if you don’t make sensible choices with your anger and instead let it seep inside you, the only person you are choosing to destroy is also just you.

Make sure you gradually transition into the suggestions outlined above. If you have issues with managing emotions, you may find yourself out of control. Speaking with a professional may help you to identify better and control your emotions. Taking courses on human psychology and behavior may be a good idea too. Education at any age is vital to living the best life possible.

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